Putting is very much about feel, however there are some techniques that will enhance your overall experience on the green. The secret to successful and consistent putting is to keep it natural trying not to over think the putt.

In your lesson you will work on a routine that will develop your confidence adhering to a good technique, ensuring you hole more putts throughout your game.


The motion and mechanics of chipping need to become a natural movement. Choking down on the grip and adjusting your stance will all go towards improving the success of your chip shot.

If you follow Adam's simple fundamental techniques you can be assured of a more positive outcome and reduce your scores.


Such a large part of the game that can be very much over looked. When done correctly it can look so simple.

Once subtle changes have been made in your set up, you will begin to understand the key fundamental in pitching – where the contact point of the golf ball is in the shot.


The secret to hitting more consistent iron shots is to understand how the ball is struck.

Adam helps you develop a more simple approach to playing your iron shots by focusing on your set up and swing dynamics.


Driving off the tee is one of the most rewarding elements of the game, although at times it can be the most frustrating!

Adam will show you how to hit more fairways saving you essential shots in your game. To establish accuracy and distance with your drives, you will learn how to establish an athletic position over the ball. You can then build a sound and solid swing to ensure you will hit more fairways and gain greater distance.