Tri-Golf teaches kids more than golf

In November 2000, the Golf Foundation launched a ‘mini’ version of golf specifically for use by young children in primary and junior schools. This involved developing youngster-friendly equipment that has proved to be popular with children, affordable for schools, and easy for teachers to use.

In addition, resources giving ideas for games and activities that can be linked with the PE and educational curriculum were produced, and a 3-hour teacher training workshop was introduced. All of this has led to an explosion in the amount of golf activity taking place in primary and junior schools across the British Isles.

The introduction of Tri-Golf has made it possible for the education sector and golfing community to work closely together for the benefit of the schools, the clubs and the young people in a situation where everybody wins.

Tri-Golf is now reaching approximately 750,000 young children per year across the British Isles.

Tri-Golf has broken new ground and has demonstrated how golf can be delivered through fun-based activity sessions involving large groups of youngsters.